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The Ultimate O Rechargeable Vibe Ann Summers O Team

"I'd always struggled to reach orgasm until now. Thank you!"

Think you've had an orgasm before? Well think again! For the first time ever we've teamed up with gynaecology experts to develop the ultimate clitoral stimulator. Made from beautifully smooth premium silicone, the Ultimate O is designed to encompass and stimulate your entire 'outside pleasure area', and the centre finger gives intensely powerful sensations when pressed down directly onto your clitoris. There's plenty to play around with too, as it comes with several vibrating settings and intensities to choose from, so you can find your perfect rhythm. It's also incredibly easy to use as all the vibrations are controlled by a single LED button at the base. And it's completely rechargeable too, so no need for batteries!

The Ultimate O is also whisper quiet, totally body-safe, and comes with a recharging cable and plug.



Ann Summers set out to select the highest quality sex toys in the world - the best materials, the best designs, the best technology - and we bring them to you right here, in the Pleasure Emporium.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
FANTASTIC - Rebecca - 08/17/2014
My husband and I have been looking for a great clit stim which can be used during intercourse. We bought a we-vibe but it was a bit rubbish. The vibrations were not intense enough and it certainly wasn't hands-free like they made out. We bought the ultimate o, hoping it would be good enough for me but also not get in the way and it's perfect. First thing to help and succeed in making me orgasm during intercourse. Such an amazing invention, thank you 'O team!'

5 product stars
It´s seriously amazing!!!! - Emily - 12/18/2013
I ordered this on Saturday at my party... My ann summers rep delivered the order tonight and I was quite excited to try it out. Well. Oh. My. God. Just buy this! Don't even think about it! It's absolutely brilliant. I won a rechargeable bullet last year at a party and really never had no interest but i used it and slowly but Surley I learnt what works for me. So I thought I'd buy this and try it out. You seriously will not be dissapointed!! Merry Christmas to me!!!!!

5 product stars
Amazing - Annie - 07/15/2013
Wasn't sure about this toy at first sight as it looks so peculiar! But the lovely girls in the shop explained how it works and were so excited about it, I just had to buy it! User friendly and not as complicated as it looks. Absolutely fantastic. Would highly recommend this toy.

5 product stars
this is O-mazing!! - Jodie - 07/15/2013
This is rechargeable toy which is brilliant so you always get full power. The vibrations are unique compared to other toys. When you normally get a pulse setting it is the vibrations stopping and starting (personally i don't like), this toy has a 'background' vibration going all the time with the pulses on top.The best £40 I have ever spent. Don't think about it just buy!!!!

5 product stars
OMG must buy!!! - Lotte83 - 07/15/2013
This toy is amazing. The shape covers all the important areas and the vibrations are like no other toy. Best £40 ever!

5 product stars
I love the instant reaction - Sakura - 07/15/2013
I lost myself using this toy, I have been exploring my body I am so glad this toy helped me to experience such an intense and deep reaction. I am Japanese and sex toys are part of my culture, I have never known I could receive such a deep feeling of pleasure simply by spending 40 pounds.

5 product stars
Really effective, really quickly. Great for couples. - Becks - 07/15/2013
As another review mentioned, you really do get an instant reaction from this toy! Hits all the right places. It's also really powerful, and has quite a few settings, which it's great to switch between, keeping things interesting and maintaining momentum after that first quick orgasm.The super soft silicone is fantastic too - feels great on your skin, and just makes it seem a bit more delicate and feminine.It's also excellent for using together. My boyfriend loves this nearly as much as I do and is always first to suggest taking it out of the drawer. From his perspective, the instant reaction is great - there's a bit of a pride thing in causing an orgasm that quickly, and with such strong effect during foreplay, it can make the womans pleasure last much longer, taking a bit of pressure off the partner.This is also definitely the most discreet toy I've experienced - I couldn't say its silent, but it is as close as I've heard.As a bit of a starter sex toy this is great too - its not intimidating at all; small, quiet, delicate-looking, but with plenty of power. It'll have you hooked.

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